Spectrum 2022 conference agenda to feature ESG and other key topics on 8 September

Spectrum 2022 conference agenda to feature ESG and other key topics on 8 September

Building on its’ success as a forum to bring together the key stakeholders in all aspects of the financial services industry, Spectrum, the annual financial services conference, announced it will take place on 8 September, 2022 at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. This year it will add a number of current topics and high-profile international speakers to the agenda.

Launched last year and widely praised for its inclusive discussion format on crucial financial services topics, the conference’s agenda this year includes environment, social and governance issues (ESG) and a panel of international investment managers.

“ESG has been one of the foremost topics in global finance over the past few years and this year we will have a very experienced international speaker addressing the topic for our audience” said Paul Byles, Director of FTS and founder of Spectrum.

Ms. Ileana Salas, the founder and chair of Climate Governance Initiative Central America & Caribbean Chapter, will speak on the topic of ESG at this year’s Spectrum. “I’m looking forward to an engaging discussion on the importance and global impact of ESG in the Cayman Islands,” she said.

Ms. Salas is also a member of CGI’s UK chapter, Chapter Zero. CGI is a project in collaboration with the World Economic Forum which promotes climate action at the board level. She has over 30 years of professional experience in global financial markets and asset management, serving as director, risk and investment committee member, bringing a unique ESG perspective to Spectrum.

Spectrum 2022 will also feature a keynote presentation from Hon. Andre Ebanks, Minister of Financial Services and Commerce: “I am looking forward to another engaging day of constructive discussion on key topics relating to our financial services industry as we seek to find ways to enhance this key sector of our economy for the benefit of our people,” he said.

Other highlights will include a panel discussion with several international investment managers on what they want to see in international financial centers such as the Cayman Islands.

“Having that international perspective on our jurisdiction from globally respected investment managers coupled with local experts in the investment funds space will add great value to this year’s Spectrum discussions,” explained Mr. Byles.

Spectrum is aimed primarily at partners and management level staff within the financial services sector and presentations will cover the state of various sub-sectors within the financial services industry as well as key policy issues.

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